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Student Comments

"In 2011, I attended a week long
watercolor workshop taught by Mary Beth
Downs.  Being an engineer, I am both
technical and analytical.  I put a lot of
emphasis on thinking and planning
before I even start a project.  The
workshop taught by Mary Beth was
refreshing, relaxing and rewarding.  Often
the preparation stage for each painting
involved putting paint to paper
immediately, sometimes not knowing what
the outcome was.  This created a sense
of freedom and enjoyment.  As our
paintings progressed, Mary Beth gave
special attention to help guide each
individual to a unique outcome.  The
number of techniques we learned was
amazing and Mary Beth opened my eyes
up to the wonderful world of watercolor."

She takes you from the fundamentals of values and
composition to develop a new direction in your work--teasing out of you things you never knew you had in you." ~Marilyn Nickelsburg

"I would recommend this workshop
to others."  ~Workshop Student

"Plenty of feedback-great at providing
suggestions as  you develop
a painting."  ~Workshop Student

"Mary Beth's summer workshop is fabulous, a week of intense creative learning (but you expect that!). The happy surprise is that the flow lingers weeks after. Painting is more joy and less frustration, even though my painting time now is limited to once a week or less."          

M. Connelly  2013

Fun workshop in Cook, MN. Everyone did great, even the couple who had never tried watercolors.

Mary Beth Downs 



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